The Forum has a variety of roles to play.

  • A ‘watchdog’ function: with mailing subscribers all over the country we are well-
    placed to learn about libraries under threat or in severe need, and we
    can work with others to find a satisfactory solution – but you must keep
    us informed!
  • Somewhere to find an expert when your library needs advice, whether
    in cataloguing systems or conservation or in other problem areas like
    charitable status.
  • Encouraging the growing awareness, nationally and regionally, that
    historic libraries can contribute in a special way to the national pool of
    library and information resources.
  • Organising reasonably priced events on subjects of interest to our
    mailing list subscribers.
  • Arranging mentors.

Our links to the British Library, CILIP (formerly the Library Association) and the Bibliographical Society can all help you to find answers. We are aiming to improve our communication mechanisms, through meetings, the newsletter, and the Forum website; and we do very much need our subscribers to communicate with us.